J-ALL Japan Alliance for LGBT Legislation


Japan needs a LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law equivalent to
the standards of other industrially-developed countries.

In contemporary Japan, people are bullied and cornered just for being LGBT.
Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity is an innate quality rather than a choice.
Many children who suffer a lack of understanding
from their friends or families feel compelled to
commit suicide. LGBT Anti-Discrimination Laws
have been legislated in developed countries including
all EU members, UK, Australia, and America (in some states).
The United Nations have followed suit, and Anti-Discrimination Laws
are now becoming a global standard.

Developing a diversity-conscious environment supports not only
those children who have difficulties with their sexual orientation or
gender identity, but also other non-LGBT children to become more thoughtful and accepting.
We seek to achieve a LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law
equivalent to the standards of other industrially-developed countries.

What is LGBT ?

LGBT stands for L(Lesbian), G(Gay),
B(Bisexual), T(Transgender).

Lesbian refers to women who are attracted to women. Gay refers to men who are attracted to men. Bisexual refers to a person who is attracted to both women and men, or regardless of gender. Transgender refers to a person whose sense of gender identity does not correspond with their birth-assigned sex and wishes to be treated and live by a different gender. A person with strong gender dysphoria could obtain a diagnosis of “gender identity disorder (GID)” and receive medical support, however, not all persons with gender dysphoria wish to access medical treatment.

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About Us
(Corporate Profile)

Name Japan Alliance for Legislation to Remove Social Barriers based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
(Japan Alliance for LGBT Legislation, J-ALL)
Founded April 5, 2015
Policy Advisor HONDA Norie
Mission To legislate laws in Japan to remove social barriers based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Activities 1.Policy Proposal 2, Lobbying for Legislation
3. Public Relations & Education (to hold symposium, study sessions, etc)
4. Research, Publication & Consultation
1. Diversity Machiya
2. Rainbow Tokyo Kitaku
4. SR LGBT & Allies
5. Japan Alliance for LGBT Legislation Network
Secretariat Secretary General: KAMIYA Yuichi
Deputy Secretary General: NISHIYAMA Akira
Assistant Secretary General: MURAKAMI Yu
Contact E-mail: info@lgbtetc.jp TEL: 03-5802-6650


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